Check Out: Ezra Sitt

Ezra Sitt

Age: 22

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 185

Sponsors: Lost Clothing and Surfboards, FAB, Destination Surf, Etnies, Astrodeck

Ezra Sitt is a hardworking, second-generation Pipe surfer from Sunset Beach, Hawai’i. Ezra grew up on the North Shore, surfing with pals Flynn Novak, Jason Frederico, and Kalani Chapman, among others. Taught how to surf by his father, Alan (who ripped Pipe in the 70s), Ezra rips in all types of conditions.

It hasn’t been an easy road for the powerful regular-foot. Sponsorless and working construction two years ago, Ezra grew to 215 pounds and was fading from the spotlight enjoyed by his peers. “I didn’t give a f-k, I just surfed,” says the normally reserved Sitt. After saving money earned from construction labor, Ezra bought himself tickets to Indo, Tahiti, and West Oz, where he turned heads with his North Shore-bred skills. Matt Biolas from Lost noticed and picked him up as a teamrider, loading Ezra up with boards and gear. “Lost has been really good to me,” adds an appreciative Ezra.

Ezra has been training lately, and the results of light weightlifting, running, and swimming have created a lean, mean surfing machine. Plans for the future include hitting as many WQS contests as possible, more photo trips, and staying focused and fit. “I’m psyching more than ever!” claims a confident Sitt. Watch for

a psyching Sitt at a beach near you, and don’t be afraid to ask his old man for some Pipe tips.-Justin Cote