Check Out: Fisher Heverly

Fisher Heverly

Age: 15
Height: 5′ 9
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hometown: Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Sponsors: Rusty, Anarchy, Cobian, Fortress, Ocean and Earth, Body Glove, Future Fins, and Atlantic Beach Surf Shop

One signature of a promising young ripper is his ability to produce solid action photos; another is an inability to be contacted by phone or e-mail because he’s surfing so freaking much. Both are true of North Carolina’s Fisher Heverly.

Like his older brother Hunter, Fisher’s a former All-American wrestler. So if you drop in on him at his homebreak, the sophmore in high school may put you in a full Granby hold. But since he’s stepped away from the mat to fully focus on his waveriding, he’s more likely to disarm you with a display of adept tuberiding and progressive boosts. “He’s always trying new stuff and pushing the limits, said his father Roy. “He has a great sense of humor and is good-natured. But he’s also very competitive–having an older brother will do that to you. A perennial standout in ESA and NSSA finals as well as kegging Outer Banks barrels–not to mention, a frequent visitor to big water locales like Hawaii and Puerto Rico–he’s rounded for competitive and freesurfing arenas. And his no-nonsense, mellow country attitude translates well to both, so we’ll definitely be seeing more of this Tarheel.