Check Out – Flynn Novak

Name: Flynn Novak
Age: 17
Hometown: North Shore, O’ahu, Hawai’i
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 140
Sponsors: Redsand, Raging Isle, Mod Surf, XM, Ocean Minded

Flynn Novak is one of the coolest kids on the North Shore. He’s humble, yet he completely rips. Because of his interest in writing, I’m giving him my vote for “Most Likely To Be An Editor Of A Surf Magazine.” But before he runs a magazine, he’s going to be seen in a lot of them worldwide. Of course, I could be wrong¿he could end up in Modesto, California with a big wife who bats him around a little. Somehow I doubt it, Flynn likes to surf too much. His favorite surf spots are Rocky Point, Sunset, and Goat Island.

Flynn’s surfing buddies are a competitive crew that includes Daniel Jones, Mikey Bruneau, Ezra Sitt, Perry Turnbull, and Sean Moody. Measuring in at six feet and still growing, Flynn gives new hope for all the tall surfers of the world. He’s a past winner of the NSSA O’ahu Championships, but considers his win in a switch-stance event his competitive highlight thus far. Flynn’s about a year away from taking his act on the road with the WQS.¿Pete Johnson