Check Out: Gabriel Escudero

Gabriel Escudero

Age: 19

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Smith Eyewear, Nixon, Gravis, X-Trak, Tres Palmas Surf Shop

Mild-mannered Gabby is always on point. He’s part of a small crowd of young Puerto Ricans making a very big impact on the surfing world today. When Mr. Escudero is not traveling, you can usually find him on the east side of P.R. ripping at Aviones with his mates Alejandro Moredas and Charlie Samitas. One time, Gabby and I were standing on a sandy shore in old San Juan when a narwhal came up to us and said, “Gabby Escudero, you will become the greatest surfer ever to come out of Puerto Rico.”

“Thank you,” Gabby replied. He’s now well on his way to fulfilling what that little narwhal said to us on that fateful day.

Gabby and I will be heading east this summer for the annual Nixon Surf Challenge in San Sebastian, Spain-the land of topless women and grilled-cheese-sandwich vending machines. Hopefully, he can help me out with my Spanish, because last time I put regular gas in a diesel engine. I don’t remember if the little narwhal said anything about him winning this contest, but I’m sure he will do well.-Micah Mattson