Check Out – Hank Gaskell

Name: Hank Gaskell
[IMAGE 1]Age:13
Hometown: Hana, Maui
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 110
Sponsors: Hurley, HIC, DaKine, Reef

Hank Gaskell is definitely one of the most interesting kids I’ve ever met. I went on a trip with him down to Puerto Escondido for about a week during spring break this year, and I swear the kid only spoke like ten times during the entire trip. Not much of a world traveler yet¿Hank only brought about 275 dollars to pay for his boards, hotel, and food. Seeing how Hank’s boards alone cost 100 dollars, the hotel cost 150 dollars, and the remaining 25 dollars went to chips, cookies, and water that kept his stomach full for his time away from home. Without worrying about his situation once, Hank made it back to Maui with a total of three pesos in his pocket, and a lot more traveling knowlege in his brain¿which he’ll definitely be using in the future.¿B.M.