Check Out: Jay Davies

Jay Davies

Age: 17

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 185

Sponsors: Rusty, Electric, Creatures Of Leisure

Hometown: Yallingup, West Australia

“He’s a super sick air guy, he’s really consistent, and when he gets behind a jet ski he goes crazy. When other guys are flying away-he’s just nailing crazy airs and everything,” says C.J. Hobgood. “I remember surfing with him when he was really young, even then he could do every air in the book. He became a full man-child real quick-now it’s like, anywhere in the world, he blows your mind. He blows up in the new Rusty video.”

If you haven’t heard of this kid, you will soon, and while videos might not tell the complete story, check out No Way Man-Jay Davies has a section that will make anyone a true believer in this madman. And yes, he is another sicko from Yallingup, so you can be sure that he’ll take off on anything and everything. – Chris Cote