Check Out Jay Quinn


Jay Quinn surfs better than Lisa Anderson and Layne Beachley, but he'll never win four women's world titles. As tragic as that may be, this little Kiwi (that's a flightless football-shaped bird from New Zealand, by the way) has plenty to offer the Blue Crush generation. His chocolate-coated muscles and boy-band good looks have already made him a favorite treat for female fans of the Australian junior series, and with his surfing continuing to escalate his profile on a worldwide scale, that fan base is likely to explode even further–and not just with the girls. Men, animals, insects–in fact, any living molecule that should happen across Jay's surfing will be instantly impressed by his power, style, and imaginative approach. His hacks are fast, hard, and smooth, and his aerial attack is so comfortable some have likened it to Bruce Irons'. And can the kid tube ride? It should be a statement, not a question.

In the corner of Quinny's room sits a mother of a trophy from his 2001 Quiksilver World Grommet Title, proving the kid's got game when it comes to comp surfing. So what next? The 'QS? The 'CT? It might come, but right now he seems pretty content to simply paddle to impress the ladies. Priorities in order, or what?–Blako