Check Out: Jeremy Flores

Jeremy Flores
Age: 16
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hometown: Capbreton, France
Sponsors: Quiksilver

Strider Wasilewski of Quiksilver has big praises for young Frenchman Jeremy Flores. “He’s the best Australian-speaking Frenchman I’ve ever heard,” says Strider. “No, seriously, he’s surfing really well, he’s in the top 100 in the ‘QS, and he’s going to Hawai’i to surf in all of those events. I feel like he could be the first European to get on tour, stay on tour, and be a threat for the world title.”

According to Strider, Jeremy has just gone through a growth spurt, and the awkwardness that inevitably comes with a quickly changing body is disappearing. “He’s starting to catch up with himself and (is) surfing really good again. As soon as he gets more comfortable in his body and gets on tour, he’ll definitely be recognized as the best surfer ever out of France. He’s got the new-school ability and thought training to rise to the occasion.”

Strider isn’t the only one heaping praise on Flores-six-time World Champ Kelly Slater has publicly stated that talent-wise, Jeremy is years ahead of where Kelly was at the same age. Hearing that from Slater, it’s scary to think where the kid could be in a couple years.-Justin Cote