Check Out – Joey Hutson

Name: Joey Hutson
[IMAGE 1]Age: 19
Hometown: (Westside) Santa Cruz, California
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 170
Sponsors: Hurley, Xanadu, Reef, Black Flys, Pacific Wave Board Shop

Joey Hutson is the latest addition to the “Westside Warriors” current lineup at the Lane. Sometimes it gets so crowded there the water turns into a full gladiator pit¿survival of the fittest. Well, Joey has definitely proven to be one of the fittest. Just last week he snaked me, and as I went to stuff him¿he chucked me over the falls (f¿kin’ bastard).

He looks more like a body builder than a surfer, ’cause he’s sooo flexed out. But it pays off in the power-surfing department¿the punk can throw some water and he drives hard in the tube. Joey’s full of energy, and he explodes whenever he’s in the water. I like surfing with him ’cause he goes outta his way to spray you and get you all pissed. When asked about the future, he replied: “To continue school, blow up in the surfing world, and maybe hit up Mavs soon.”¿Skinz