Check Out – John-John Florence

Name: John-John Florence
Age: 7
Hometown: North Shore, O’ahu
Height: 4’1″
Weight: 75
Sponsors: O’Neill, Freestyle, and Pyzel Surfboards [IMAGE 1]

The level of surfing seven year old John-John Florence is at is absolutely unbelievable. He’s perhaps the best ever, for his age. When you see him out on a triple-overhead day, getting barreled or attempting an air, it’s easy to forget just how young he is. John-John seems to possess a James Dean-type cool, even though he still gets annual visits from Santa Claus at Christmastime. Kelly Slater predicts, “John-John’s going to know the waves on the North Shore like no one we’ve seen before.”¿Pete Johnson

TWS: How many years have you been surfing
John-John: Since I was two and a half, now I’m seven.

What do you like to do when you’re not surfing?

Do you ever skate ramps?
Yeah, I have a quarterpipe at home and I’ve been to the skatepark at Wahiawa where there are millions of ramps.

Who’s your favorite surfer?
Probably my mom.

Who’s your hero?
Kelly Slater.

What kind of tricks do you like to do when you’re out surfing?
Aerials and pop 360s.

What do you think about girls?
I don’t know.

When you’re surfing a heat, what do you do to try to win?
I don’t do tricks I can’t make. I just go up and down and see how long I can ride the wave.

Have you ever been in a fight?
With my brothers, Nathan and Ivan.

Who wins?
Me, sometimes Nathan.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I have music I like, but I forget what it’s called.

Who do you like to surf with?

What’s your favorite thing to watch on TV?
My favorite one is, what’s it called? There’s a cat that tries to catch a mouse, but the mouse is too smart¿Tom and Jerry!

This is kind of a hard question, if you were stuck on a desert island with perfect surf, who would you want to be there with you?
My mom and all my friends.

So how big would the waves be? What’s your favorite size?
Three feet.

What kind of advice would you give to young surfers just starting out?
What do you mean by advice?

What would you tell people who’re younger than you who are about to start surfing?
Start out on a bigger board¿not a four-six, but more like a six-eight.

What is a good question to ask you?
What did I get for Christmas?

Okay, what did you get for Christmas?
Star Wars Legos, checkers, chess, and a remote-controlled car. You know what’s heavy? I didn’t even ask Santa Claus for them, I just got them.

So, how did he know what you wanted?
I don’t know!