Check Out Josh Sleigh

An interview with Josh Sleigh

So you’re how old? [IMAGE 1]


And where you from?

San Clemente.

You’ve been surfing professionally for how long?

It’s my second year.

It’s safe to say that your niche is that of an air guy right?


Do you think the industry and surfing in general is gonna allow more kids to evolve into that in the future?

Of course, heck yeah. We’re evolving. Up until just recently. That’s how I fell into my niche, I was gonna try and do the QS’s and then the Airshow started going and that’salways been my forte. I just happened to mold into that.

What’s hardest trick you’re doing right now? You’re doing a pop shove in the Osiris ad.

Meat Grab Reverse.

Explain it.

Coming off frontside off the lip with your back hand grabbing between the legs with a frontside reverse-just holding and rotating.

You spend a lot of time in Hawaii, how much time do you spend there?

I try to spend at least a month to two months. If I could stay there all year I would.

How important is that for your surfing?

Critical, I think that’s a major, major part. At least for me. Of course airs are my niche, but I thrive on the barrel, I thrive on big surf-just adrenaline. I’m not just anair guy.

[IMAGE 2]What’s something not many people know about you?

I don’t know.

Who are some of the guys from San Clemente that you came up with?

Influence wise, more like Dino Andino, Archie, and surfing Salt Creek a lot with Kasey Curtis and whenever Pat O’Connell would be around. Matteson, Justin Matteson,Crimo-those guys.

What’s the future of air surfing?

There’s a huge future. Start getting more into spins and catching them with your feet-kinda like what Crimo does. Maybe throwing it in with a flip or something.

How far off are kick flips?

I’ve tried them, but landed on the board upside down. I’ve only seen one person do it and that was on a longboard-Ryan Divel. He pulled a kickflip on a longboard on an oldvideo a long time ago-he’s the only person I’ve actually seen do one.

How’d he do it?

He was going straight in the flats and came up off a huge chop and just kicked the thing and I remember watching him stick it.

So the rest of the year is going to be Airshows for you?

Yeah, compete in the airshows and the PSTA’s-shoot as much as possible. Just go out and get all technical. I like surfing with Crimo a lot. I think he’s one of the guys, atleast in my area right now, that’s getting pretty technical. He’s definitely one of the guys. There’s a lot of kids all the way from San Diego to Santa Cruz-the whole air show guys.You can surf with anyone of those guys on any given day. They’re always travelin’ and kinda spreadin’ out the love I guess you could say, just the enjoyment of boosting