Check Out – Julia Christian

[IMAGE 1]Julia Christian
Age: 17
Years surfing: 4.5
Sponsors:Billabong, Dragon, Reef, Channel Islands, Surf Ride, and On a Mission.
Competitive highlights: 1st 1999 WQS at Virginia Beach, 4th 1999 Lowers WQS, =5th U.S. Open.
Hobbies: “Cause trouble.”
Future plans: “After I graduate I plan to do the tour full time.”

Q/A …

You’ve had a real good year right?


When you won at Virginia Beach and thereafter, did you see things changing for you?

Actually things changed more after the Body Glove Surfbout. It changed a little more after Virginia Beach too, but probably more after the Body Glove.

Did you see a big difference between the amateur and pro competition? Are you more confident when you go to these things now?

Actually I did the Santa Cruz event, I did really bad. I had an off day. Yeah, I’m ready for the Lowers contest-I been surfing there regularly.

Who are some womens surfers you look up to?

Layne Beachley and Lisa Anderson.

What are you gonna do when you actually get them in a heat?

Do what I usually do, surf normal.

What if you take them out?

I’d be stoked.

Are you gonna be based out of Carlsbad after you graduate and all that?

Yeah, I’m probably gonna keep living at home.

How do you think Carlsbad’s helped your surfing, surfing around all these guys on your team?

Joey helps me a lot. With Joey Buran, I did heats with him all the time-that was such a pain. I surf with my brothers and some other guys around Carlsbad.

Who are some guy surfers you look up to?

I like Brad Gerlach-I really like his style. Tom Curren and a lot of the guys.

Who’s the machoest guy that you’ve seen on tour?

Taylor Knox.

Do you ever see Taylor around?

I have an embarrassing story about him. I was out surfing my local spot and he sat there a little further than I am. He’s waving and I was like, ‘Who’s he waving to.’ So I look behind me and he starts paddling and he’s like, ‘Hey, Julia.’ I was like, ‘Oh, he’s waving to me.’ I totally just shined him. It was so embarrassing.

Did you feel bad?

Yeah, yeah I did.

What about all the changes with the world tour, do you see the effects it will have for you in the future?

Yeah, they had a meeting about it, but I forgot about it. I was out surfing. I guess they’re trying to divide the womens tour, but I kinda like surfing with guys and longboarders-a little mix.

What’s your favorite place to surf?

Probably V-land.

What about travelling, where’s your favorite place to travel to?

I haven’t really travelled much. So probably Hawaii.

Any final words or thanks to anybody?

Joey Buran, he’s helped me out a lot.