Check Out – Kekoa Bacalso

Kekoa Bacalso
Years Surfing: 10 years
Sponsors: Rip Curl, HIC, Oakley, DVS.
Hometown: Milaloni, Hawaii

Do you like coming to California?
It’s okay. The water is kind of cold though. The waves are good enough.

[IMAGE 1]Do you get pissed when you have to adjust from the cold to the warm and the warm to the cold?
It’s okay, but I never use wetsuits so it takes time for me to get used to it.

What’s a day in the life of Kakoa like back home?
Go to school, come home, surf, and then try to do my homework right before I go to bed.

You don’t do anything weird like raise cattle?
No. I raised a dog. A wiener dog.

Are you stoked to surf with guys like Joel Centeio on a daily basis?
I’m really stoked. I’ve been surfing with Joel ever since I was beginning and he’s been pushing me ever since, trying toimprove my surfing.

Sunny is pretty much going to win the title now. Does that give you inspiration?
Yeah. Kelly Slater wins a little too much, so at least a Hawaiian can take it now.

Do you prefer to ride big waves or are you still getting used to that part of getting ready for a pro surfing career?
I train and stuff. I try to, but I don’t.

What is your favorite spot back home?
V-Land when there aren’t too many pros out. It depends, wherever it’s good and not too crowded.

Does it bum you out when half of the professional surfing world comes into your homebreak on that little stretch of the North Shore?
Yeah, pretty bummed. It’s kind of underground. You just have to deal with the crowd.

[IMAGE 2]Are you used to it now?
Sort of. I just try not to drop in on any mokes and get beaten up.