Check Out: Luke Dorrington, Darren Muschett and Tarik Khashoggi

Luke Dorrington

Age: 18

Height: 5'8″

Weight: 155 lbs.

Sponsors: Billabong, Electric, Nixon, DVS, Creatures Of Leisure, DHD

Originally from Phillip Island in Australia's deep and frickin' cold southern quarters, Luke Dorrington (or “Dozza” as he's known to his mates) moved to the Gold Coast when he was five and now resides in Coolangatta–Luke reckons the cold water of Australia's southern ocean turned him so blue he bailed on it and headed north. Now that he's in Coolangatta, he surfs the Superbank and hangs out with guys like Jarrah Tutton, Jai Boyce, Asher Pacey, and friend Tavita. Dozza starting surfing in contests when he was a grommet and has evolved into a competitive machine–he's won an Aussie trophy, came in fifth at the World Grommet Titles, and has serious ambitions of making it big time on the WCT. “I want to do the 'CT for sure,” says Dozza. “I'll give it a go. It's really hard, but I think if you can dig deep and have a shot, anything can come of it.”–Tom Herschell


Darren Muschett

Age: 19

Height: 5'10″

Weight: 160

Hometown: Rincon, Puerto Rico

Sponsors: O'Neill, Dan Taylor Surfboards, DVS, Nixon, West Coast Surf Shop

It's alive … alive! The recent Gen-Y push has brought a fresh spotlight to Puerto Rican surf culture, and youths like Gaby Escudero, Alejandro Moreda, Aron Geiger, and the Toth and Graves brothers have revived the island's unique and vibrant scene to the point of phenomenon. And while Brian Toth's Second Reef Pipe exploits, Dylan Graves' Quiksilver Crossing sessions, and Aron Geiger's aerial artistry have all been well documented, an explosive blonde-haired Puerto Rican named Darren Muschett has been crouching back in the shadows the whole time–but no more. His time to pounce upon the international spectrum is now.

“Most of those guys are from up around Isabela, so that's pretty much where all the exposure is,” says Darren. “There's just not as many good surfers down here in Rincon, so maybe that's why I don't get noticed as much.”

But after bagging solid video segments in everything including Kevin Welsh's Surf NRG 13: Synergy and Tony Yordan's all-Puerto Rico 16mm film Elixir, as well as in the mountains of slides sitting on photographers' light tables from New Jersey to California with more and more rumors about his talent filtering around the coconut telegraph every day, Muschett has proved to be one of the loudest aftershocks of the Twenty-First Century Latin boom.

Loose but powerful, the muscular regular-foot is all off-the-bottom, off-the-top–no cheating. His roundhouses are money, and his lip attack is as lethal as it gets. He's got the airs, the style, and he does tailslides the right way (full rail carve before letting it fly at the end). And if that weren't enough, he regularly visits girlfriend Melissa Taylor and travel companion Zander Morton in St. Augustine, Florida to test his mettle against Sunshine State heavies and gain critical contest experience. This year, he plans on hitting France, Australia, and Hawai'i in search of throaty barrels and valuable WQS points. And the fact that you might not recognize his name on your heat sheet doesn't matter one bit–because just like in a good horror movie, the scariest monsters are usually the ones you don't see coming.–Matt Pruett/ ESM

Tarik Khashoggi

Age: 20
Height: 6'1″
Weight: 180 lbs.

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California

Sponsors: Rusty, LX eyewear, Famous accessories, Sector Nine, 805, A Frame surfshop

 &nnbsp;    Tarik Khashoggi is an articulate young man with poise beyond his years–in and out of the water. Standing a solid six foot one, Tarik is known for his powerful rail turns in an era overrun by prepubescent tail drifts. Hailing from Rincon in Santa Barbara, it's no wonder his style resembles a Reef girl's backside: smooth and polished. Tarik's notoriety with the ladies nearly supercedes his surfing cred. SB is a virtual playground for this schooled local. A student at Santa Barbara City College, Tarik dabbles in Buddhism with his own philosophy on localism: “Don't be a dick just to be a dick.” Deep, deep shit from a man who has such complete disregard for the lip. Mr. Khashoggi can often be seen flying high over sections with the likes of Bobby Martinez, Adam Virs, and Killian Garland–the predominant force these days in the SB country.

An independent young man living in an apartment on the west side of SB with his girlfriend, Tarik plans to share his philosophy of localism with the world this upcoming year, as he will be traveling to remote destinations. So if you see Tarik on one of your journeys, “don't be a dick just to be a dick.”–Pascal Stansfield