Check Out – Luke Stedman

Name: Luke Stedman
Age: 22
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 70 kg
Home base: Monavale (a suburb of Narrabeen), NSW, Australia
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Spyder, Arnette optics, Duffs
Blonde or brunette?: I saw the bomb brunette today, so brunette it is.
Hero: That would have to be the old man.
Favorite food: Whatever’s being cooked for me.
Favorite color: Silver at the moment.
Favorite artist: Definitely Ozzie Wright.

Luke Stedman is one of those slashy, powerful, modern rippers from Australia. He surfs along the W.Q.S. tour and frequently does very well. You should read about Luke because he’s a really nice guy who happens to destroy waves on a surfboard. I got to chill and rap with him for a while in France, so read on and check out Luke Stedman.¿C.C

Why are Australians so good?

There’re a lot of Australians at the moment doing the QS and I think they’re at a level that’s exceeding what it’s been in the past. Everyone is getting behind each other, pushing each other a lot more. It’s not as laid – back as it was. We were just figuring out that you guys were kicking our ass for a little while, so we had to do something about it. It’s more of a group quest than a solo project.

What are the differences between Aussie and U.S. surfing?

I don’t reckon the Australians are better, it’s just sort of par. You have big – wave guys, small – wave guys, and air guys.

Who or what influences you personally?

I just try to be as entertaining as possible on a wave, you know what I mean? Go out and do something where people are like, “Yeah!” I also love snowboarding. I would skate, but I hurt myself too much¿sprains and shit.

Who’s coming on strong that the world should know about?

Dean Morrison from Australia, he’s impressed me. There’re so many young guys, it’s hard to keep up.

Any tricks you can think of that will be showing up in the future?

I was talking to Shawn Barron and he was saying that there’s been a lot of air shows in the States. Having these air shows is really pushing surfers to do different grabs and bigger airs. It seemed like surfing had stopped progressing, and snowboarding and skating has passed it up. They’re skateboarding and snowboarding so much more entertaining to watch. Like at the U.S. Open, more people were watching that than the heat in two – foot waves.

Is your surfing more aerialistic or power – based?

I try to mix my vocabulary up a bit. If you concentrate on one thing it limits you. You should be able to do a bottom turn into a re – entry. You can’t just do airs all the time. If you do a reo, then a cutty, then a big air¿it’s complete.

Where’re the best ladies in the world?

Tough question, but the best are in Brazil. Damn, France is good, too. Australia has some good ones¿have you ever been there?

That’s my next trip. Who shapes your boards?

My dad. He does Spyder in Oz.

Do you like the tour?

I’m hooked on the tour. It’s so much fun. I’ll do it for few more years, you know, creep up the ladder. If I start falling, I’ll do something else.

Musical tastes?

Bobby Digital, the Wu¿all that hip – hop shit.

What’s more important, photos or contests?

In Australia, it’s different because all the big mags are in America, so you pretty much have to do both to make any kind of name. Winning a contest is a great feeling¿having achieved something. There’s nothing better than opening a mag and seeing a photo. That’s a good feeling.

Hell yeah, Luke.

Thank you, mate.