Check Out Mark Matthews

Age: 21

Height: 5' 11″

Weight: 176 lbs.

Hometown: Maroubra, Australia

Sponsors: Juice, Element, Etnies, Spy

Depending how you look at it, Mark Mathews either has an awesome respect for how to make the most of life or a complete lack of value for living altogether. How else do you explain his breakthrough performances at giant Shipsterns (Tasmania's infamous heaving demon), his determined and often-suicidal Hawai'ian commitment, his twenty-first birthday party erupting into an all-out brawl with off-duty police officers–five of whom ended the night filling beds in the local ER? Mathews thrives on the euphoria of dominating fear.

This is possibly a by-product of growing up in notorious Maroubra, where gang violence is a constant threat to the local groms. Then again, Koby Abberton being his best mate might have something to do with it. Or perhaps it was trained into him through his second sporting love–boxing. “He's a beast in the ring. I reckon he could probably take me if we had a serious go. Only in the ring, but,” Koby laughs.

Wherever his determination comes from, it's taking Mathews to grand heights in surfing. Sure, he does the 'QS, and considering some of the 'CT locations, he could make an impact there, too, but that shit tells you nothing. All you need to know is if it can kill, MM will ride it.–Blako