Check Out Mike Dodd

Name: Mike DoddAge: 19Height: 5’7″Weight: 145 lbs.Hometown: The Big Island, Hawai’iSponsors: Counter Culture, Dragon, OAM, Jason Kashiwai surfboards, Octane underwear, Rash wetsuits

For the past two years, Mike Dodd’s been surfing the North Shore of O’ahu, doing WQS contests, and shooting photos¿basically just working his ass off trying to get his name out there. Mike’s from the Big Island of Hawai’i, one of the most remote and beautiful places on Earth. Both his uncles surf, so they got him into surfing at age nine. The Shane Dorian Keiki Surf Classic sparked his interest in contests, and living on O’ahu eight months of the year made him want to get better. In a few years, Mike wants to join the tour full-time and get his surf shots pasted all over the magazines. Hopefully he’s on his way.¿A.C.