Check Out: Nate Tyler

Name: Nate Tyler

Age: 16

Hometown: Templeton Point, California

Height: 5’6″, or 5’9″ with hair

Weight: 128

Sponsors: Volcom, Town & Country, Reef, Smith, Body Glove, Pro Lite, Sex Wax, CCS

I first got to hang out with Nate Tyler two years ago on a trip to the North Shore of Hawai’i. I saw him fall off a wave right on to Occy’s back, and then he proceeded to argue with him about who was “in the way.” Ever since then, I knew the kid had talent. Nate Tyler is older now, and his surfing is well-rounded¿he’s a great contest surfer, and his freesurfing out of hand. He drinks Coke and eats Gummi Bears for breakfast. I’ll let him tell you his story.¿Troy Powell

Where the hell is Templeton Point?

It’s a little hillbilly town in Central California.

Any good waves there?

Yeah! Lots of good waves, you just have to go look for them.

You work for a local surf shop, and I heard your manager wears a pink wetsuit. Any truth to the rumor?

Yes, it’s true! His name is Carl Holm. I work with him at Central Coast Surfboards. The guy even wears baby-blue Zinka when he surfs.

Are you kidding?

No, I’m not joking!

Any heroes?

Rob Machado, Walt Cerny, Mom, and Dad.

What’s up with your hair?

I rinse and lather it daily.