Check Out: Nick Kovack

Name: Nick Kovack

Age: 20

Hometown: San Diego, California

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 140

Sponsors: Hurley, Etnies, Dragon, OAM, Sharp Eye surfboards, Freestyle, Wavelines Surf Shop

In a word, “Slick.” Not only his nickname, but his act in and out of the water. If you’ve ever been in the lineup with him, or better yet, out with him at night¿you’ll know what I mean. Nick has such a smooth style, it’s not even funny. His deal is so amazing, sometimes still photos don’t serve him justice. From start to finish, his program is tight.

Finally getting the necessary support, Nick’s taking his act on the road. With recent trips to Indo and Brazil, he’s coming home regularly with the best shots and some classic stories for the boys.

In Nick’s case, the famous quote, “Good things happen to good people,” definitely holds true. He’s probably the most humble person I’ve ever come across and each and every sponsor he has is extremely fortunate to have someone of Nick’s nature. Watch out for him in the near future, because at the rate Nick’s going, you’re all going to find out what a few of us have known all along … he’s for real!¿Jimmy Schulte