Check Out – Randy Bonds

Name: Randy Bonds
Age: 22
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 180
Sponsors: Volcom, M10 surfboards, O’Neill wetsuits, OAM, and Smith optics.
Nickname: “The Kid”
Type of automobile: No car, no license.

“The Kid” Is All Right

Randy is a homegrown Westside player living only blocks from the Lane. Why do they call him “The Kid,” you might ask? If I had a buck for everytime someone said, “Who’s that kid?”, I’d be a millionaire. He’s a regular standout up here in Surf City, U.S.A. His backside approach is brilliant¿so smooooth, almost effortless. Randy posseses the perfect combination of hard rail carves with big fat airs. He’s a big kid and can push a lot of water around. His straight-up off-the-lips are at top form. Randy is the Luke Egan of Santa Cruz¿big boy’s light on his toes and heavy on his heels.

“The Kid” is one of those guys who doesn’t say much, he let’s his surfing do the talking. Plus, he’s making a name for himself as one of the best backsiders in a town made famous with its great backside talent. Even Anthony Ruffo says Randy’s the shit. You’ll definitely be hearing from “The Kid” in the near future. My prediction is he’ll probably win the Cold Water Classic in the next five years. He needs a shoe sponsor, so somebody hook this brother up.¿Skinz