Check Out: Russel Smith

Check Out Russel Smith
Name: Russel Smith
Age: 20
Height: 6_0_
Weight: 180
Sponsors: M-10, Volcom, Hotline, Smith, PacWave
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California


_Russel Dog,_ _Rusty,_ _Drotti,_ or whatever you want to call him, Russel_s one of those guys who always keeps you laughing. His quick wit is one of a kind, and he_s famous for his one-liners down at the Lane. I had the pleasure to travel to Mexico with Russel Dog last year, and it was one of the most fun trips of my life.

Besides being absolutely hilarious, Russel clocked in some serious tube time and basically tore the shit out of every wave he caught. I love shooting photos of Russel because he_s unpredictable_busting the fins out on one turn, doing a roundhouse, and a 360 bash off the whitewash on the next. Russel_s bound to go far_he has a huge heart, hangs out with good people, and basically has a positive outlook on life. That makes him a huge asset to friends and sponsors alike._Nelly