Check Out: Shane Upchurch

Age: 20

Weight: 150 lbs.

Height: 5’10”

Hometown: Oak Island, North Carolina

Sponsors: Billabong, Sharp Eye, Sweetwater Surf Shop

I’ve never met him, but rumor has it that Shane Upchurch is obsessed with street racing. He’s got a souped-up, teal-colored Acura and spends his weekends racing all over North Carolina. I’m sure his favorite movie would be The Fast And The Furious if he has one. Billabong Team Manager Steve Clark tells me that when he comes to California, all he does is just look for car parts. Besides that, he once was sponsored by KFC … that’s right, fried chicken, biyatch!

According to my sources, he surfs really well. I also heard he’s gone underground, but that can’t be true, because the guy just did a photo trip for us. He went to this right-hand point somewhere in Mainland Mexico that looked like Kirra. There’s a sequence of him doing a huge frontside 360. I would’ve run that image for his check out, but it’s too good to run as a half page. But keep your eyes pealed, it will run in an upcoming photo section. Shane’s also won a whole bunch of contests, USSF Championships, and stuff like that. So there you have it-Shane Upchurch, ladies and gents.-Peter Taras