Check Out – Taj Tucker

Name: Taj Tucker
[IMAGE 1]Age: 18
Hometown: Oceanside, California
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 140
Sponsors: Redsand, Dragon, Byrne surfboards, Surf Ride, World Force wetsuits, OAM

The other day I was listening to Taj Tucker talk about himself when I realized some people nearby were talking about a certain wonder drink called Red Bull. Filled with caffeine and taurine (something to do with bull balls), I shuddered at the thought of a Red Bull in Taj’s hands. Being a quick thinker, I immediately whisked him away when I realized Taj is too talkative, too hyper, and too hormonally-driven to be in the Red Bull club¿the world is definitely a safer place.

You see, although he’s not my little brother, I’ve put up with him since he was a wiry little ten year old (which is kinda the same thing). He definitely has a lot of surfing talent and doesn’t hesitate to break boards at Pipeline and Todos. However, Taj’s behavior has been out of control and still is today. Don’t get me wrong (to my knowledge), he hasn’t burned any buildings, robbed any gas stations, or stolen any cars¿Taj really is a good kid who loves surfing. I guess what I’m trying to say is that when it comes down to it, I would much rather see Taj on the “Big Tour” with the Malloys rather than the “Big House” as someone’s boy toy.¿A.C.