Check Out – Ted Navarro

Name: Ted Navarro
Age: 20
Hometown: Whittier, California
Height: 5’6′
Weight: 150
Sponsors: Planet Earth, Lost, Osiris, Anarchy, Ocean & Earth.[IMAGE 1]

If you surf anywhere between the Huntington Pier and the Oceanside Pier in California, chances are you’ve seen Ted Navarro. Ted puts more time in the water in one day than most of us do all month. Coming from Whittier, California actually works to Ted’s advantage¿his local surf spot stretches across two counties, where he’s seen almost every day. Last summer Teddy won both the Men’s and Open divisions of the U.S. Championships, never losing a heat all week. This year you’ll find Teddy ripping through heats on the pro scene, or you’ll see him shredding your local spot.¿Scott Desiderio