Check Out – Tommy O’Brien

Name: Tommy O’Brien
Age: 14
Hometown: Melbourne Beach, Florida.
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 120
Homebreak: Sebastian Inlet, Florida.
Years surfing: 7
[IMAGE 1]Dream spot: Any wave in Bali
Favorite spot: Lower Trestles
Sponsors: Rusty, Etnies, Oakley, Freedom Wetsuits, and Sticky Bumps
Nickname: “Cowboy.”
Why “Cowboy”? Peter Garroway and I were riding dirtbikes one day and he just decided that was my nickname.
Influences: Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian.
Flat-day hobbie: I like to fish.
View on chicks: Chicks are perfect.
Travels: Puerto Rico, Hawai’i, Cali, East Coast, Costa Rica, Barbados, and Tortolla.
Halloween costume: Nothing. I just walked around¿I’m ugly enough.
[IMAGE 2]Favorite animal: I like dogs.
Worldview: There’re a lot of sick people out there.
Advice to humans: Do the best you can whenever possible.
About pollution: Pollution sucks, I hate it. Whenever I see trash on the beach, I pick it up.
Message to the older guys: Quit hasseling us because we’re smaller.