Check Out – Travis Mellem

Name: Travis Mellem
Age: 15
Hometown: San Clemente, California
Height: Knee-high to a grasshopper.
Weight: Fifty pounds, when wet and wearing boots.
Sponsors: No Fear, Body Glove, Becker Surfboards, Reef, Sticky Bumps, Surf One, Oakley[IMAGE 1]

When I first surfed with Travis out at 54th Street in Newport Beach, California, I knew he was good, but I didn’t expect him to blow my mind like he did. He blew everyone’s minds that day, doing airs, getting barreled, and completing about eight turns on one wave¿all the while going Mach five.

For Travis’ size he’s accomplished a lot in his fourteen years of life. While only a freshman, he made the varsity surf team at San Clemente High and maintains a 4.0 grade average. His main hobbies are surfing, golf, skateboarding, and fishing. His latest travels include Hawai’i, Puerto Rico, and Puerto Escondido. Last year was a good year for Travis¿he was a finalist in the NSSA Explorer Boys division at Lowers, a finalist at the USSF Championships, and he was the West Coast Champion for the Menehune Division. This year alone he’s been in the running for the first-place spot of the NSSA season. This kid has been on a roll in every contest he’s ever entered. Look for Travis out at Lowers this summer going huge¿showing all the big boys what the future holds.¿Geoff Moysa