Check Out – Zach Rhinehart

Name: Zach Rhinehart
Age: 20
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 170
Homebase: Oceanside, California
Life – support systems: XYZ clothing, Linden surfboards, Active Ride Shop, World Force wetsuits, and Anarchy sunglasses.  

When I first met Zach, he was a just a ghetto kid who worked behind the counter at a small surf shop in Oceanside. He seemed to be a really humble grom, but then I saw him surf for the first time and my outlook changed. How can a kid be so mellow on land and such an annihilator in the water?

In the last year I’ve seen this kid get the deepest barrels, throw the biggest buckets, and launch the biggest alley – oops I’ve ever seen. He’s not surfing for anyone but himself, and I guarantee there’s a smile on his face after every session. So next time you see some kid busting four – foot airs at the O – side beachbreaks, you can bet it’s Zach Rhinehart.¿Jamey Stone

Curren and Wardo.

Skateboards¿long or short?
Short, are you kidding me?

How does skating help your surfing?
It helps me land airs by staying centered over my board.

Not really into it.

What sucks about surfing?

What rules about surfing?
Progressing every time I surf.

Who do you chill with?
Shawn Murphy, Jason Bennett, Jeremy Heit, Matt Merel, Taj Tucker, and Will “Big Willie Style” Smith.

If you could have one thing in life what would it be?