Check Outs – Brent Dorrington

Age: 18

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hometown: Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia

Sponsors: Oakley, Hard Rock Surfboards, ProLite

If Brent Dorrington were never born, Australian surf journalist and Waves Editor Ronnie Blakey would most likely be stranded on a deserted island after being swept away while surfing the Gold Coast during a cyclone. You see, after Blakey snapped his leash, he was swept away in a vicious rip current, getting sucked out to sea and on his way to New Zealand. Luckily for Blakey, Brent Dorrington was gracious enough to fetch Blakey’s board, paddle it back to him, and save the editor’s ass.

Not just a lifesaver, Dorrington is a top-notch surfer in one of the most competitive arenas in the world-The Superbank. Regularly surfing with older bro Luke Dorrington (who in typical older-brother fashion refers to his little bro as a “sausage-fingered midget”) and top WCT surfers Dean Morrison, Parko, and Mick Fanning, Brent has managed to attract attention as the “next big thing” out of the Goldie.

With his father shaping his boards, his mom letting him bail school for the life of a pro surfer, support from his ripping older brother, and surfing with the best in the world, big things are expected from Brent Dorrington. As Ronnie Blakey will tell you: this kid’s the real deal-and a hero.-Justin Cotà‡