Check Outs – Jason Miller

Age: 19

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hometown: San Clemente, California

Sponsors: … Lost, Ocean Minded, Hoven, Ammon

Coming from San Clemente, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of top-notch surfers and thick crowds. Not so with Jason Miller. The San Clemente native, who has been shredding his hometown for nine years now, should have a statue erected in his honor at his high school, San Clemente High. Why a surfer and not the captain of the football team? Well, their football team sucks, and the San Clemente High Surf Team is a national powerhouse. In fact, when Jason was a senior, he won the state high school title and led his “A” team to first place, while the “B” team took home second.

Jason doesn’t suffer from the “I ripped in high school” disease, either. Of late, he’s been globe trotting the world, representing his country in South Africa on the U.S. team, and most recently surfing the Billabong Pro Junior series in Australia.

Yet while he may seem like a “contest guy,” his favorite locale so far has been Western Samoa, where he recently spent time away from his stomping grounds of Lower Trestles and T-Street. With solid sponsor support and backing from his San Clemente bros like the Gudauskas clan, Dane Ward, and Chris Ward, expect big things from Jason Miller-maybe even the head cheerleader.-Justin Cotà‡