Check outs – Justin Jones – 4.9Justin JonesJustin Jones

Justin Jones
Age: 18
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Home: Melbourne Beach, Florida
Sponsors: Hurley, Electric, DVS, WRV, Groove Tube, Clive

Another East Coast amateur surfer generating quite a buzz in the amateur ranks is eighteen-year-old Justin Jones from Melbourne Beach, Florida. Always a standout in the experienced Sebastian Inlet lineup, Justin’s surfing continues to mature as he approaches professionalism. Whether it be freesurfing, big-air events, or regular seasonal professional and amateur events, this young up-and-comer proves to be capitalizing on his surfing talents in and out of competition. Justin ended the 2002 season as champion of the NSSA Southeast Florida Air Show circuit and finished on top in the regular season as well.

When he’s not in the water blowing up, you might catch him and his brother Blake doing the same on the basketball court-his second sport of choice when the waves aren’t good. Justin’s currently getting ready to travel to one of the most functional, remote waves in the world-Macaroni’s, goofy-footer’s playground. Keep an eye out for future shots of young Justin as he carves his niche in the new era of the Right Coast’s generation of surfing expertise.-Sean Slater