Check outs Justin Wiegand – 4.10

Justin Wiegand
Age: 17
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 140 lbs.
Home: Carlsbad, California

Sponsors: Billabong, DC, Byrne, Surf Ride, Creatures Of Leisure

Oh, no! Here comes another Carlsbad High alum and his name’s Justin Wiegand. Despite the fact he got second in Explorer Men and fourth in the Open Men division of this year’s Nationals, he still remains fairly anonymous. Unknown even though he has high profile friends such as Dane Johnson, Che Stang, and Mike Klein, Josh Montgomery, and Jason Franco-all team mates from his High School Nationals winning team last year. From his early surfing days to now, Justin’s been prepped by his shaper Michael Baron and coach Joey Buran to succeed and he has. He’s a shy, quiet youngster who you can find surfing at State Beach in Carlsbad with his sister Karlene and every other good surfer from that town. He also has a funny nickname, but hates it when anyone calls him by it so we won’t say it. Justin’s a smart kid who won’t pull any pinhead moves-he’ll proabably graduate college and become a doctor or something. Till then, he’ll keep shredding.-AC