Check Outs – Marcus Hickman

Age: 24

Height: 6'0″

Weight: 180 lbs.

Home: Sunset Beach, Hawai'i

Sponsors: Da Hui, Utopia, Drift Surfboards

Marcus Hickman absolutely blew up this winter. After surfing through the local trials in the 2003 Pipeline Masters, Marcus ripped all the way to thirteenth place, splitting peaks with Andy Irons and taking down numerous WCT surfers in the process. And then, at the Hansen's Energy Pro, he won the Todd Chesser Award, given by Chesser's mom Jeannie to the surfer who best epitomizes Todd's charging style of surfing–and his down-to-earth, warm persona on land. That's just what Marcus is: fearless in the water and a genuinely nice, quiet guy on land.

According to friend Ryan Rawson, Marcus' style of surfing goes along the lines of “go big, or go home.” Several times this contest season, Hickman went huge, nailing perfect tens at critical Pipe and destroying massive Sunset–where he also placed well at the Xcel Pro. As a matter of fact, Marcus had the highest score of any competitor at the Pipe Masters with his massive no-grab to ball-grab in the trials. “I had to do it for all my boys,” says the normally reserved Hickman.

The future is looking bright for the young Hawai'ian. “I'm going to start hitting the WQS and see where that takes me,” says Hickman. “And I always want to finish strong in Hawai'i” he adds. Look for Marcus on the wave day at a beach near you–especially if you live near Pipe.–Justin Cote