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Kelly Slater

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TransWorld SURF Issue 10#12 Features

Pro Spotlight: Ian Walsh

There are few people who will pull into 60-foot Jaws, and boost alley-oops at two-foot Huntington the next day. Chris Coté gets inside the mind of Ian Walsh, perhaps the best all-around surfer on the planet.

Beyond Africa

We sent Mikala Jones and Nate Tyler into into the depths of the little-surfed island of Madagascar and hoped they would come back with all their limbs. Not only did they come back alive, they arrived with gifts; incredible imagery from a land time has forgotten. Surf exploration is not dead…

Domination: Slater Wins Historic 9th World Title

Going into the 2008 season, the world wondered if Kelly Slater would even show up to the first event of the season. Well, he did, and he dismantled it handily. Five events later he’d racked up four wins and was on his way to his ninth world title. Here’s an in-depth look at the most-dominant year in the history of professional surfing.

Brutus The Wave Maker

Everyone has mind-surfed mini waves, but leave it so some crazy Aussies to rent an 800-horsepower fishing trawler to create some perfect little waves on the bank of the Yamba River.

Photo Gallery

We know you missed the Photo Gallery like Ozzie Osbourne misses vodka-fueled benders. So we poured you a nice tall glass of awesomeness—just don’t call us if you throw up in the morning.

41st Annual Easterns

The Atlantic roars to life for the 41st Annual Eastern Surfing Championships held on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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