Checkout: Adam Wickwire

Checkout – Adam Wickwire

Name: Adam Wickwire
Age: 13
Weight: 89 lbs.
Height: 5’0″
Hometown: Satellite Beach, Florida
Sponsors: Rusty, Reef, K-Grip, Smith Sport Optics

Florida has hatched quite a large number of young surfers who’ve littered the ranks of amateur events nationwide. One such individual sitting at the front of the pack is thirteen-year-old Adam Wickwire-a bright grom with a large future. I know it’s hard to tell what might come of it, but as long as his momentum continues, there’s no telling what we’ll see.

Having an excellent year in 2000 by winning the NSSA Nationals and the U.S. Championships back-to-back opened the eyes of many surfing enthusiasts. Adam’s family backs him 100 percent, and he gets inspiration from friends and older surfers like Jeremy Saukel.

Fresh into his teenage years, he still has time left in the Boys division, and he’ll be looking to defend a few titles this year. Already having some travel and contest experience, Adam’s slightly ahead of many youngsters battling for the same titles as this young champion.-Sean Slater