Checkout-Benel Oleogram 4-2

Name: Benel EleogramAge: 17Height: 5’8″Weight: 150 lbs.Hometown: Hana, MauiSponsors: Quiksilver, Kazuma, Osiris, Da Kine, High Tech

Born and raised in Hana, Maui, Benel’s been surfing for nine years at Koki-his beloved home break. His surfing buddies include younger brother Olah, Hank Gaskel, Evan Valiere, and Cheyne Magnusson. Benel comes from a big family-four boys and two girls. Besides surfing, he enjoys night-diving and he’s also rumored to have a mean left hook: Benel’s not a fighter-he just got that rep by knocking out his good friend Evan Valeire during a friendly boxing match.Last year, at the tender age of sixteen (while living with Chris Won at the Quiksilver house at V-Land), he made it to the quarterfinals in the WQS contest held at Sunset. Now at the worldly age of seventeen, Benel has plans to move to the North Shore for the winter, so expect to see more of this kid.-Pete Johnson