Checkout-Brandon Guilmette

Name: Brandon GuilmetteAge: 18Height: 5’6″Weight: 135 lbs.Hometown: Huntington Beach, CaliforniaSponsors: Puma Shoes, Eletic Surfboards, Arnette sunglasses, and Neil Pryde wetsuits.


For Brandon’s age, he’s one of the most exciting surfers to watch. While other kids his age are seeing how many flicks they can do to the beach, Brandon’s seeing how high his tail can get out of the water-full-rotation 360 airs and grab-rail shove-its seem to come easy for this guy. During a recent photo trip with Brandon, he blew my mind surfing with unbelievable amounts of speed. I think even Teckno was impressed, and that’s one guy who’s definitely hard to make an impression on. Brandon recently won a Huntington Surf Series Airshow, and came in second place at NSSA Nationals Airshow. I know he’s going to turn some heads this year at the major air shows and upset some people. He’s doesn’t have a clothing sponsor right now, but if anyone has half a brain they’ll snatch this kid up as soon as they can.-Tom Shit