Checkout¿Che Stang

Name: Che Stang
Age: 17
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hometown: Carlsbad, California
Sponsors: Billabong, Dragon, Surf Ride, Channel Islands, Reef, Prolite, Diakka watches

[IMAGE 1]Che Stang has been a child surf prodigy ever since he began competing at the age of eleven. You could say it’s in his blood¿his dad Billy’s a Pipe charger from the 70s¿but what really sets him apart is his uniqueness. At the recent NSSA Nationals, Che made the finals of the Open Men and unfortunately received an interference right off the bat.

So while the rest of the heat’s competitors tried to get as many turns in as they could, Che put on a show for the beachgoers when he took off on a right, sped down the line, launched, and stuck one of the biggest airs of the entire contest.

Look out for this kid¿he’s progressive, stylish, and is gaining more respect for his talent.