CheckOut-Dane Gudauskas 4-2

Name: Dane GudauskasAge:16Height: 5’10″Weight: 145 lbs.Hometown: San Clemente, CaliforniaSponsors: O’Neill, Channel Islands, Jack’s surf shop, Astrodeck, Arnette, Ocean Minded

After one Check Out already done on his brother Patrick, and one on the way for his other brother Tanner, we realized that there’s a sizably bigger form of Gudauskas clone named Dane. In case you missed Pat’s Check Out, there’s a well-documented theory that the Gudauskas’ parents reproduced with genetically superior surfers in mind.At the age of five, Dane was getting stand-up tube rides at Doheny. At the age of ten, he was perfecting his turns at Lowers. At age sixteen, his focus is now on airs at Riviera. Although he’s Patrick’s twin, somehow Dane drank more milk and ate more chicken than his sibling, developing into a larger being, a being who uses his size to his surfing advantage. Dane’s a smart, quiet, and very respectful young man whose intellect and physical presence make him the head of the Gudauskas trio, or better yet-gang. Look out, world, ’cause here comes another Gudauskas!-A.C.