Checkout: Darshan Gooch

Name: Darshan Gooch, a.k.a. “Da Gooch”

Age: 19

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 170

Hometown: Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, California

Sponsors: MCD, XCEL, Santa Cruz Surf Shop, Sol Life surfboards, Electric

Everyone loves Da Gooch. I saw him on the North Shore last season, where he’d been living for a couple of months. He had like 50 little Hawai’ians following him around all the time. Gooch is comfortable in big waves, but he’s not afraid to bust a big 360 air in your face, either. Darsh is gearing up for another season in Hawai’i as we speak. XCEL wetsuits just picked him up and will be taking good care of him over there. He plans on surfing in the XCEL Pro at Sunset, too, and I’d put my money on him doing well. Good luck, Gooch! See you over there in a month or so.¿Dave Nelson