Checkout-Evan Valiere 4-2

Name: Evan ValiereAge: 17Height: 5’11″Weight: 156 lbs.Hometown: Kalihi Wai, Kaua’iSponsors: Quiksilver, Local Motion, Dragon

Evan’s another gifted, young Kaua’ian surfer who’s been motivated by watching the Irons brothers surf over the years. Rainos Hayes, coach of the World Team, calls Evan one of the strongest amateurs in Hawai’i. Born on the Big Island, Valiere migrated to the island of Kaua’i at an early age. Surfing runs in the family-his father and brother both surf-and Evan’s been surfing for as long as he can remember at his favorite spots like Kalihi Wai. Evan’s proven himself as a fierce competitor by regularly showing up in the finals at the National Championships. When I asked around about him, four things kept coming up: (1) he’s a genuinely nice guy, (2) he charges, (3) he got knocked out by Benel Eleogram in a boxing match, and (4) that’s okay because he’s a lover not a fighter, and the ladies like him.-Pete Johnson