Checkout: Josh Montgomery

Name: Josh Montgomery

Age: 15

Hometown: Carlsbad, California

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 95 lbs

Years surfing: 8 years

Sponsors: HIC, Body Glove, DSO, Sticky Bumps, Surfride Boardshop

The first time I ran into Josh, he’d just been picked up by Surfride Boardshop¿back when Joey Buran was the team whip-driver. He was the smallest grom on a team of groms that included Brian Conley, Taj Tucker, Che Stang, Jason Franco, and Dane Johnson.

Now, I’ve got to tell you that four years ago I never heard a peep out of Josh, and it leaves me thinking that the only thing that’s been growing is his mouth. The way I hear it, Josh is tight enough with the bigger rats from State Beach that he doesn’t have to worry about beatings at school or in the water.

I’m sure that’s why this little shit-talker is so fearless. We spent about two weeks in Puerto Escondido this summer, and “Winky” was the star of the 24/7 comedy that went down. Freeriding uninsured rental scooters, taunting local canines, and getting cracked out on the local smoothies, the grom was so out of control that we had to tie him down and leave him on the roof laced with yogurt in the pouring rain to mellow him out.

More than just a jester, Josh is putting his skills to good use. Last year, while in Hawai’i, the grom blew snow to his teachers for a solid week. You see, Carlsbad High policy is that if you miss five days in a semester, your teachers can fail you. So, the whole time he was on “the rock,” Josh was calling in sick and faxing in homework. Did it work? He pulled off a 3.4 G.P.A., and the folks still let him travel. As Josh says himself, “Trouble? No trouble. Your only in trouble if you get caught.”

Don’t get me wrong about this smooth-talkin’ grom. He’s just as solid a surfer as a spin doctor. Every time I see Josh surf, I’m amazed at the stuff he’s throwing down. If Josh Montgomery keeps pushing himself, he’s definitely on the way up.¿Eric Blackhurst