Checkout-Nalu Law 4.3

Nalu LawAge: 19Height: 5’7″Weight: 150 lbs.From: Kalapana, Big Island, Hawai’iSponsors: Local Motion, Da Kine, Body Glove, Surfco, and Anarchy

Nalu Law grew up on the southeast coast of the Big Island of Hawai’i in a town known as Kalapana. Kalapana was the home of the infamous right-hand barrel Drain Pipes-a spot that’s no longer around due to lava overflow. As a kid, Nalu grew up surfing at a little reform called Rubber Ducky’s and all throughout the Big Island. This summer Nalu ventured over to Indonesia for the surf trip of a lifetime along with the likes of Myles Padaca, Tory Barron, and Gavin Beschen. “That was my first real surf trip,” he says. “I couldn’t have been more stoked! The waves were so sick, and surfing with those guys was unreal.” Now twenty years old, Nalu has transferred over to O’ahu’s North Shore to take his surfing to another level, “I just want to push myself and get some good ones at Backdoor and Pipe.” With Nalu’s raw ability and motivation to go big, you’re sure to see a lot more of Nalu whether it be in the air or in the barrel.-Jason Shibata