Checkout-Nate Yeomans 4.3

Nate YeomansAge: 19Height: 5’11″Weight: 165Hometown: San Clemente, CaliforniaSponsors: Billabong, Arnette, X-trac, … Lost surfboards

“Nate” is short for “natural”: naturally a badass, naturally cool, naturally big, and naturally a talented surfer. The first time I witnessed his abilities was at a PSTA heat in Oceanside last year, where he surfed with another natural-Tom Curren. And instead of pooping his pants at the site of a legend, Nate absolutely devastated the small surf to win the heat with his speed, combos, and airs. For further evidence, please refer back to the Camp Mexico story in the December 2001 issue of this magazine (Volume 3, Number 9)-he can bust. He also has the tendency to launch very high-no, really high. Nate Yeomans is a good reason we do Checkouts-to familiarize the surfing world with young surfers who deserve it. And in this case, there’s no better example.-A.C.