Checkout: Nathan Carroll

Name: Nathan Carroll
Age: 15
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hometown: Sunset Beach, Hawai’i
Sponsors: O’Neill, Arnette, Ocean Minded, Carroll Surfboards, Surfco, and X-track.

[IMAGE 1]There’s an incredible number of fifteen-year-old kids who rip these days. So what puts Nathan Carroll at the top of that list? Here’re the top ten reasons:

1. He’s nice, humble, respectful, and smart.

2. He lives on the North Shore and already knows how to surf big waves.

3. At the early age of fifteen, he’s already proven himself in pro competition at Sunset (he lives only steps from the point).

4. He can do an aerial, but perhaps more importantly he knows how to turn a board bigger than 7’2″.

5. His dad’s a great shaper, and the two of them make a great design team.

6. He’s got family support like you wouldn’t believe, and he’s not too cool for his parents. Nathan rides the power of family very naturally.

7. He can catch waves at Backdoor. At fifteen, most kids paddle out and watch. This year, on perhaps the best day at Backdoor, Nathanmanaged to catch a set in between rides by Kelly Slater and Sunny Garcia-tough to do these days.

8. He’s an athlete who knows how to win-he’s practically undefeated in his young wrestling career. From wrestling, he learned early on how to compete 100 percent against competitors, and how to respect and be friends with the same competitors after competition.

9. The kid can paddle. He’s proven this by winning his division in the annual Sunset to Waimea paddleboard race.

10. Oh, yeah. He won the NSSA National Championships Explorer Boys division this past year. -Pete Johnson