Checkout-Nathaniel Curran

Name: Nathaniel CurranAge: 17Height: 5’7″Weight: 135 lbs.Hometown: Oxnard, CaliforniaSponsors: O’Neill, Puma, Spy, Cobian, McCrystal, and Revolution surf shop


What is it about Nathaniel Curran that makes you want to say, “Ooooh”? Is it his vast collection of plastic surf figurines strewn across his parents’ mantelpiece? Perhaps it’s the way he looks “fresh-out-of-the-shower” when he’s dripping wet. Or it may be his uncanny resemblance to his brother when he’s dripping wet.What gets me every time is the way that little freak boosts. When we have air contests with Tim Curran, Nathaniel, myself, and whoever else is out, the kid will seriously boost higher and spin faster than anyone and consistently pull them off. It boggles the mind how good this kid really is. When you see him surf, you’ll have no choice but to say, “Ooooh.”-Pascal Stansfield