Checkout: Noi

Name: Noi Kaulukuikui

Age: 18

Weight: 140

Height: 5’11”

Hometown: Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz

Sponsors: O’Neill, Von Zipper, O’Neill Surf Shop

The first time I saw Noi surf after he moved here from Hawai’i was at Little Windansea in Santa Cruz¿he was blowing his fins out the back. I was like, “Who the f¿k is this kid?” Before long, Noi became a permanent fixture in the lineup and is now a standout surfer at any given spot. Lately he’s been surfing with Ratboy and John Hunter. I watched him surf the Lane the other day, and he must have busted five perfect airs. I guess surfing with Rat has its advantages. Noi’s down south with Rockhold, surfing in the air show in Newport Beach, and the way he’s been surfing lately, he’s gonna be turning a lot of heads.¿Nelly