Checkout: Peter Garaway

Name: Peter Garaway

Age: 15

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 140

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California¿the East Side

Sponsors: Oakley, Vans, Santa Cruz Surf Shop, Rusty, Sector Nine, Hotline, Sex Wax

Petey is a great grom! Four years ago I was watching The Lane on a solid eight-foot day, when I saw a tiny little grom catch a big wave. Osh, his brother-in-law, had helped him into this monster. He looked like an ant riding the wave. No one on the cliffs could believe their eyes¿we were hooting and hollering as loud as we could.

Ever since then I have watched Petey grow up and become a great surfer. He has dominated the NSSA rankings in the past, and he seems to have a good future in surfing and in whatever he chooses to do in life.

Petey is probably one of the coolest groms you’ll ever meet. He comes from a positive surf family that supports his addictive surfing habit. Coming from the point breaks of S.C. (mostly on the East Side), Petey is becoming a smooth yet snappy surfer. Look out for this grom in the future; he’ll be the one out in the water ripping up waves and then paddling back out with a big smile on his face.¿Omar Etcheverry