Checkout¿Raymond Reichle

Name: Raymond ReichleAge: 16Height: 5’8″Weight: 125 lbs.Hometown: Hale’iwa, Hawai’iSponsors: Volcom, Dragon, Globe, Body Glove, Faith, Murasaki Surfboards

Raymond Reichle’s been living in the shadows of young Hawai’ian superstars like Dustin Cuizon, Kekoa Bacalso, and Joel Centeio for the last few years. It’s situations like his that remind me of an old hip-hop song by Biz Markie titled “The Vapors.” It’s a tale of Biz Markie and his crew (T.J. Swan, Big Daddy Kane, and D.J. Cool V) and how people used to put them down when they were youngsters. After time, the crew became famous, and as Biz says, “The same people who used to wreck Big Daddy Kane as a child are like, ‘Can I borrow a dollar? Ooh, you’re a star now¿the vapors.'”Well, nobody puts Raymond down these days. He surfs well beyond his years¿he just has a giant shadow hanging over him. That’s why Raymond’s got “the vapors,” and why people in situations like his work harder to prove themselves. Proof of this began last year when his big-wave abilities shined at Sunset and Hale’iwa. Raymond has a real mature approach to his surfing and can bust airs at will. Look out for this kid¿he’s funny, very clever, and has got something to prove.¿A.C.