Checkout: Rodger Eales


Rodger Eales
Age: 17
From: Point Loma, California
Sponsors: TDK, Volcom, Pride, Xcel, Smith Optics

[IMAGE 2]What are your favorite things to do besides surf?
I like to spearfish, skate allies, and party.

What do you mean by partyin’?
Cruise out with my friends and try to get chicks and stuff, whatever. Go to the college behind my house.

Do the college girls like your game?
Not really.

Why not?
I look like a little kid kind of.

So, that shouldn’t stop you?
I try, I try to corrupt the Christian girls.

So when your spearfishin, do you see any crazy stuff and get scared and go jump in the boat?
Nah, there1s a couple little leopard sharks at our little cove by the cliff. Everything’s pretty minor.

Do you eat what you catch?
No, not most of it. I don1t really catch anything. I’m horrible.

What do you want to do when you finish school?
Graduate and go to junior college.

Who1s your favorite surfer?
Taylor Knox.

Cause I like the way he surfs on rail and goes at it super hard.

What school do you go to?
UNU. (University High in San Diego)

Do you goto the college next to it and throw game over there too?
Not really. According to Playboy, that1s the second hottest school for chicks. It1s kinda cool.

What’s it like growing up in Ocean Beach?
Kinda cool. My parents say it hasn1t changed in like 60 years. It1s kinda cool, there1s weird people out here.

How do you deal with all the derelicts?
They1re cool. Every once in a while I1ll hook them up with a quarter. I just kinda block them out now.

What1s the stupidest thing you1ve seen happen down there?
We glued quarters to the ground and they all tried to pick them up. One time, it was pretty classic, my friend rolled a joint out of glass and like left it on a curb and, like 1500 people, picked it up. Seriously, everyone would pick it up. And then finally some old man was all, “Awwwww, you tricked me.” He was faded or whatever.

Any thanks to anybody?
My parents are super supportive and take me to all the contests. Brian Olsen down at Pride, TDK surfboards, Volcom, all my sponsors.