Checkout: Sean Peterson

Name: Sean Peterson

Age: 19

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 140

Sponsors: Tavarua, O’Neill, Pro-Lite, Surf One, Electric, Sol-Life surfboards

Sean is a quiet and respectful surfer with sick, powerful lines. So much that it’s been impressing the shit out of everyone in Santa Cruz lately. The rumor in town right now is that he’s also been impressing the shit out of some judges by his results in the Pro Juniors down in Southern California and Mexico.

He’s psyched and has a family who supports his surfing and lives right down the street from the Hook and Pleasure Point. I’ve watched Sean progress so much in the last few years, that he’s motivated, or maybe even scared, me and other pro surfers to hurry up and progress our own surfing.

Watch out for this quiet and stylish surfer. He’s another good East Sider with a great future in surfing.¿Omar Etcheverry